Seafari Girls Summer 2020 Program


Week One June 22-26 Treasure Hunting- Canceled due to MA healthy and safety restrictions

Each day we go to a new location for a treasure hunt in small groups. We use a combination of compasses and clues to find the hidden treasure box with a treasure for everyone each day! 


Week Two July 29-July 2 Crystalogy- This week we learn about rocks, minerals and especially crystals. We will look at a beautiful collection, make some of our own and go rock hunting in this week of geologic fun! 



Week Three July 6-9 Marine Mammals-This week we learn more about marine mammals such as whales, dolphins, and sea lions. We will work with the Nantucket Marine Mammal Alliance to learn what we can do to help the marine mammals in our area. We will also create beautiful projects that will inspire education and protections for the beautiful creatures.


Week Four July 13016 Dog Treats- We started this fundraiser in 2004 for my original rescue dog, Mason who had expensive medical conditions while he was living at our local shelter. After I adopted Mason, he was our camp mascot and came out on adventures (back when camp was 6 girls). He pulled the girls on boogie board into shore with the strap in his mouth!  I wanted a way to give back to the shelter for all they did for him. Mason’s legacy has carried on every summer as we fundraise for NISHA (Nantucket Island Safe Harbor for Animals).  The girls make posters and dog treats and set up a lemonade stand in town to trade dollars for  treats. On Thursday, we visit the shelter to take a tour and present all of the funds which in past years have been over $1000!!


Week Five July 20-23 Crazy ConcoctionsThis week we get our hands messy as we make some of the most exciting concoctions around! We will make paint, slimes, bouncy balls, and even edible projects in this week of messy fun!

Week Six July 27-30 Cafe *4 day option only $350- The girls create a pop-up cafe for their parents. We work as a team to come up with a name, write a menu, shop for ingredients and prepare everything from scratch. Each camper can invite 2 guests for lunch (must be on the same day). We open for lunch on Wednesday and Thursday at noon. Each camper has the experience of serving one day and working in the kitchen the other day. 


Week Seven August 3-6 Supermarket Science- This week we do some awesome science projects and experiments all with items that we can find at the supermarket. The girls will look at science books and pick out some things that they'd like to try and will combine their chosen experiments with some of my favorite that I've learned over the last 20 years. Campers will learn a few new tricks to show family at home!


Week Eight August 10-13 Spa- We spend our last week of the summer creating the “Mermaid Spa”. We practice our skills all summer at the beach and learn how to do a hot stone treatment, a seaweed wrap and make a sand exfoliant. The girls take their ideas and create their own spa at the school. They also make sugar scrubs, soap and miracle hand treatment. We  invite parents to visit our “spa” on the last day of camp.   

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