Seafari Girls Summer 2021 Program

We will be running a modified version of camp this summer and can't wait to get back in action with Seafari Girls! It has been a challenging year, to say the least, and we will continue to navigate the safest way to run programs for children. That said, we will see how the situation evolves before we make any decisions about wearing masks and social distancing guidelines. I've decided to keep the program small with just 12 campers, myself, and one counselor. There's only a 4-day option so that the groups will stay consistent throughout the week.  

Each day at camp, campers spend time at our home base classroom at Exploration Station. They have time to explore in the indoors and outdoor classrooms, attend a daily camp meeting, eat a snack, work on a project.  The rest of the day is spent on field trips around the island. Lunch is almost always picnic style at the beach. We travel with boogie boards, beach shade, and plenty of shovels and nets. Campers carry their own stuff and usually lend a hand with the beach equipment. 

Week One June 21-24 Treasure Hunting- Each day we go to a new location for a treasure hunt in small groups. We use a combination of compasses and clues to find the hidden treasure box with a treasure for everyone! 


Week Two June 28 -July 1  Ice Cream- This week we make our own ice cream! Each day we will invent a new flavor as a group and make a batch to enjoy at the end of the day.

Week Three July 5-8 Flower Power -We explore the power and flavor of flowers this week. We'll make exciting things to eat, create beautiful artwork, and enjoy seeing some beautiful gardens on Nantucket.

Week Four July 12-July 15  Rocks and Minerals- This week we learn about rocks and minerals and spend time rock hunting around the island. The girls will take a look at Melanie's personal collection, grow crystals, and use our rock tumbler!


Week Five July 19-22 Crazy Concoctions- This week we get our hands messy as we make some of the most exciting concoctions around! We will make paint, slimes, bouncy balls, and even edible projects in this week of crazy concoction fun!

Week Six July 26-29 Cafe- This week the girls create a lunch menu for themselves. We normally set up the cafe and invite parents but in the age of Covid, we're going to alter it and only serve the campers. The girls will write the menu, cook the food, and take turns visiting and working in the cafe. Campers will get to have lunch in their cafe on one of the days.

Week Seven August 2-5 Supermarket Science- This week we do some awesome science projects and experiments all with items that we can find at the supermarket. The girls will look at science books and pick out some things that they'd like to try and will combine their chosen experiments with some of my favorite that I've learned over the last 20 years. Campers will learn a few new tricks to show the family at home!


Week Eight August 9-12 Spa- We spend our last week of the summer creating the “Mermaid Spa”. We practice our skills all summer at the beach and learn how to do a hot stone treatment, a seaweed wrap, and make a sand exfoliant. The girls take their ideas and create their own spa at the school. They also make sugar scrubs, soap, and miracle hand treatment.